A bit about the business & me!

Hello, my name is Gillian.

Formerly known as Little Feather Photography since July 2012 specialising in posed newborn & family photography.
The experience has shaped who I am as an artist today and the direction of my business in the future. I decided to rebrand July 2020 and I’ve reverted back to what was more organic to me and where I started with film style photography.
Incorporating the skills from my time as a heavily posed photographer I am able to give my clients a service that is very unique and well rounded. I truly feel that is why so many are drawn to my work. 
  • Photograph all your moments, big & small
  • Create custom artworks of your family
  • Service Sydney families
  • Specialising in family & couple photography

To document moments, milestones and the love within your family. Family photography has come a long way since the traditional ‘family portrait’ and creating timeless natural moments is my passion. 

Photos are easily the most powerful thing on earth. They give back feelings and emotions time and time again, without fail and without regret. Not many investments can do that. 

That’s what I want to be apart of & do for you. 

How does it work?

I will guide you every step of the way, even style your family if you need me to!

Majority of the baby & Mum outfits are from my client closet. 

Session info + booking
Contact me to receive the pricing info & schedule in your session date.
Enjoy the moment
Complete your photography session in a relaxed environment with just you and your loved ones
Bringing your images to life
I will then carefully add magic touches to your images and organise your chosen images for print

Challenges are my passion

Babies and children can be extremely unpredictable but I’ve never come across a session that didn’t result in an amazing final gallery – even when the parents walk away worried thinking “I hope they turn out ok” thinking back to the last hour of tantrums, tears, children not listening or in a newborn’s case; using the studio as their personal bathroom. 

I capture your family as they are. The chaos, the small moments and everything in between and I promise you will love every image!

What do you do?

  • Get everyone fed, dressed and arrive. Food bribes are great, even for the Husband/Dad's - plant to go to lunch or dinner after to your fave place
  • Relax and let the morning/afternoon unfold naturally - I got you!
  • Soak it all in! There'll be a day you will look back on these photos & it'll take you back to this very moment, good vibes only!